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Automatic Hand Free Wall Soap Dispenser

Automatic Hand Free Wall Soap Dispenser

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  • THREE-STOP BUBBLE VOLUME: The soap dispenser adjustable volume control has three levels of bubble output (0.6s, 1s, 1.5s), which can meet the different dosage needs of adults and children. Adjust as you like. Upgraded infrared sensor chip, accurate identification, no fear of strong light (recommended to install on the wall 0.65ft/20cm away from the table).
  • FULL-SCREEN DISPLAY: The automatic soap dispenser touchless uses a full-screen display, and the remaining power and indoor temperature are clear at a glance. IPX5 waterproof, safe to use in humid environment (do not wash the body with water, and keep the sensor part of the machine as dry as possible).
  • COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS SOAPS: The automatic foaming soap dispenser is widely compatible with soaps such as hand sanitizer, dish soap and body wash on the market. A 1:3 dilution of soap and water produces a rich lather. Large capacity of 12oz/300ml, it can be discharged 500 times, and can be used by the whole family for 50 days.
  • FOUR MONTHS LONG BATTERY LIFE: The foam soap dispenser for bathroom has a built-in 2500mAh battery, is equipped with a Type-c 3.0 fast charging cable, and adopts international advanced motor technology, which effectively reduces energy consumption and is quieter. Charge faster and last longer.
  • PUNCH-FREE INSTALLATION: The rechargeable soap dispenser is equipped with 1 strong non-marking glues, which can be installed without drilling to protect the wall without leaving traces. (Recommended for use on smooth walls such as tiles). We provide a one-year warranty service, 7x24 hours to solve your problems, please rest assured to buy. if you encounter any problems, please email us through Amazon in time, we will reply faster and solve your problems with confidence.

Product Description

Subvert The Tradition And Redefine The New Way Of Washing Hands!

Every Upgrade Is For A Better User Experience!

1. The first generation: ordinary automatic soap dispenser

Disadvantages: Need to use matching hand sanitizer, can not replace other cleaning liquids, can not meet the different needs of customers.

2. Second generation: automatic soap dispenser with changeable liquid

Disadvantages: No gear adjustment, single foam output, unable to meet the needs of different groups of people

3. The third generation: three-speed adjustable + changeable liquid automatic soap dispenser

Advantages: different cleaning liquids can be replaced, and the bubble volume can be adjusted in three levels, which can meet the needs of different people

Installation Method
  1. Clean the wall with a rag
  2. Tear off the adhesive and paste it on the wall, let it stand for more than 24 hours
  3. Buckle the machine on the adhesive
  4. Read the user manual
  5. Start the machine

Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

Every product is built with heart

  • Specification: 5.1in/13cm x 2.5 in/6.2cm
  • Maximum capacity: 300ml/12oz
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Product weight: 260g/0.57lb
  • Waterproof level: IPX5(Not inverted)
  • Installation method: strong non-marking glue wall-mounted

More Details Show

0.25s extremely fast foaming, no need to wait

Nano-level volumizing foam

IPX5 level waterproof

45° bionic inclination angle, foam does not stick to the machine

Punch-free strong and non-marking glue, easy to use

Steps to install the soap dispenser on the wall

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How should hand soap be added?

A: If it is a foam hand soap, you can pour it directly without adding water

A: If it is an ordinary hand soap, please add the hand soap first, and then add water. The most appropriate ratio is 1 hand soap : 3 water, which can be adjusted according to the desired bubble concentration.

  • Q: The soap dispenser works, but no bubbles come out?

A: The initial judgment is that the outlet is blocked. The solution is to add warm water and adjust it to the highest level for repeated induction and dredging.


  1. Not enough bubbles? Generally, this is caused by insufficient amount of ordinary hand soap. We recommend that the ratio of ordinary hand soap to water is 1:3, and the amount of hand soap should be more than less. Shake well before turning it on.
  2. You can feel it when you stretch your hand over, but no bubbles come out? Only a small amount of liquid comes out? Probably due to the blockage of the outlet, the hand soap was not shaken evenly when adding the liquid, which caused the hand soap to precipitate, or the ordinary hand soap was directly added to cause blockage. It is recommended to add warm water and adjust to the highest level for repeated induction.
  3. If it is a foam hand soap, please add it directly.
  4. If it is an ordinary hand soap, please add water and then hand soap first, shake it evenly, and then turn it on to prevent clogging.
  5. No response to charging? Due to the fact that the product is sometimes turned on during transportation, the battery is completely drained. After receiving the product, please continue to charge it for 1.5-2 hours, and then use it after it is fully charged.
  6. We recommend that the product be installed at a higher position from the table, in order to prevent false induction. It is best to install it near the power supply to facilitate replenishment.



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